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Sock Delivery in Envelopes

The surprise It’s freaking exciting!

Unlike boysenberry picking season, sock subscription picking season is an activity we partake in year round. While we allow you the option to choose from two categories of sock styles–patterns and graphics–we wouldn’t be able to call your socks a surprise if you knew exactly what you were getting ahead of time. So relax, we’ve got your feet covered.

Watch Our Video. Now.

So you’re excited about your impending transformation to greatness, but you apprehensive about coming off like some type of superhero. Well, don’t worry! You’re not going to possess magical abilities to fly or spin webs any time soon; after all, we’re sending you crazy socks.

Either way, if you want a more realistic idea of what these socks will do for you watch this fun sock subscription video, it may give you a glimpse into your future.

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Testimonial photo from Lauren

“I got my boyfriend a monthly sock subscription (sockscription) and he’s hooked – I’ve never seen him more excited”

Lauren J, Los Angeles
Pile of our socks

“Sockscribe Me brings back the feeling the night before Christmas. It is by far the best sock subscription!”

Bryant D, Boston
Pile of our socks

“Awesome styles and the best dress socks. I love my sock of the month club!”

Danny H, New York
Pile of our socks

“Nothing excites me more than receiving my monthly sock subscription – I love Sockscribe Me!”

Stephanie D, Pennsylvania

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The Best Socks. Trust us.

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why we’ll never send you a pair of Aunt Sheryl’s DIY holiday socks. Every month our sock subscription stylists select high quality socks from some of the most well known brands in the industry.

While you may never see our stylists, appreciate that they share 117% of their DNA with both unicorns and musical, green-haired chocolate factory workers; they’re good at what they do.

Sock Brands - Happy Socks, Richer and Poorer, The Sock Guys and Sock it to Me. Our monthly sock subscriptions only contain high quality brands